Our Mission

ShadowBit Security seeks to cover what it sees as a gap in cybersecurity protection and information technology enhancements for small- to medium-size businesses. We take commercial and government industry standards and best practices to the companies that need them the most at a reasonable price they can afford.

Our Foundation

ShadowBit Security founders, Brandon Lally and James Ho, have worked over a combined 20 years in the government contracting and commercial world. They met while working on the same program supporting a worldwide government cybersecurity operations center, defending against the largest threats in cyberspace. While working together, they realized they had the same goal: bring cybersecurity to businesses that do not have the capability or awareness to defend against cyber-attacks that are ever present in today’s society. This shared vision came to fruition with the founding of ShadowBit Security.

Our Name

"ShadowBit Security" represents how we work. We are “shadows” who work in the background of your system without affecting your business’s day-to-day activities. "Bit" is the smallest unit of data and indicates we will review every aspect of your system in order to protect the "security" of your business.